About Food Lovers and this blog…

kripalHi, my name is Kripal Amanna. I am the editor of Food Lovers magazine, the country’s first urban-centric publication dedicated to a celebration of food in its many myriad forms. Restaurant reviews, recipes, in-season specials, markets, foodie profiles, chef stories, gourmet travel, food and wine, cocktails and spirits – expect to find all this and more in each issue of Food Lovers…

CoverThrough this blog, I hope to facilitate an interaction with you on various facets of the magazine, or simply share my thoughts and musings of what may perhaps be of interest to any food lover.

It would be wonderful to also hear your comments, suggestions and feedback on the magazine through this blog.

Bon Appetite!

Kripal Amanna



2 responses to “About Food Lovers and this blog…

  1. Rakhi

    I make desserts and chocs from home and would like to be a part of your blog but just don’t know how to go about it. Please let me know .

  2. anindita

    I was wondering if you might be looking for a restaurant reviewer. I do have a fair bit of experience in the matter.

    Do let me know.

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