Cover - FinalThis is your space to tell us what you thought of the current issue. Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t. We listen, cause this is what helps us evolve.


7 responses to “Feedback

  1. Sujoy Rana

    Team Food Lovers,
    This was truly a fantastic issue. Loved the review on Caperberry; went to the restaurant and had one of the best meals ever.
    Also enjoyed the Fruity Cool article.
    Thank you and keepup the god show.

  2. Kashmica Sarkar

    This is superb……..
    we the foodlovers, can update ourselve through this websites. Pls keep a column or recipe contests for the reader.
    Thanking u…

  3. Hi… I have been a follower of your magazine for a while now and make sure I get my copy each time. I think your style of presentation when it comes to pictures and the story is excellent. Please do put in a followers option on your blog to enable us to keep in regular touch with your blog..

  4. dr rekharavi

    hi,i am a subscriber of ur magazine.absolutely love ur books.visited caperberry,expensive,but good food.also had a quiery,i was gifted this subscription in march for my bday,but ive only received 2 issues so far.keep up the good work.cheers to kripal and team. rekha

    • kripal amanna

      Dear Rekha,

      Thank you for your email; my colleague, Ms. Rakhi Desai will getin toch with you shortly. Alternatively, you may also call her on 41200935/ 96328 17479.

      Best Regards,

  5. Vinay

    We do freelance PR work.We are working on the launch of a new menu at one of the fine dining restaurants in Bangalore and we would like to speak to you regarding the same.It would be nice if you could give us your contact details so that we could get in touch with you and discuss this in detail.

    • kripal amanna

      Thank you for your message. Please contact Ms. Kavya Chandra at 98864 00312 regarding the same.
      Best Regards,
      Kripal Amanna

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