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Five dishes of the fortnight – 25th May 09

khao suey Khao Suey at Yvonne Pinto’s

Hands down the best Khaow Suey I’ve eaten this side of the Irrawaddy. Picture delicate egg noodles sloshed over with generous ladles of flavourful beef curry, and garnish of spring onions, golden-fried garlic, grated hard-boiled egg, chilli flakes, dried shrimp, coriander, crispy noodles and for the final flourish, a twist of lime. If ever there was such a thing as khao suey heaven, Yvonne Pinto has the key.

But of course, you’d have to get past her petulant husband Stanley Pinto first! For those with weak hearts and the desire to live a bit longer, I am told Gina Braganza of Opus (2344 2580) makes a mean khao suey herself.    

 Prawn Risotto at 12th Main, Mercure Homestead Chef Gaurav Shiva

Old patrons of Mynt may remember Gaurav Shiva, the ever-smiling sous chef who left Bangalore to chill out on the beach at Alibaug, Maharashtra in between managing the kitchens as Executive Chef of the Radisson Spa Resort. Well, he is back, this time at the Mercure Homestead, a nifty stylish apartment hotel in the leafy by lanes of Koramangala’s 3rd block.

When here (at 12th Main, the hotel’s all-day-dining restaurant), request for Gaurav to make you the Prawn Risotto. A moist, soft creamy mass of Arborio, intense in flavour and speckled quite liberally with juicy bits of prawn, it’s guaranteed to make you go back for more.

12th Main, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 034; tel: 4512 1212

 Field Mushroom Crêpes at Toscano

You would literally have to beg Chef Goutham Balasubramanian for this one, for these crepes are just not on the menu. We were fortunate enough to taste this as part of the food-and-wine pairing exercise for the upcoming session of the Food Lovers Club ‘Food and Wine Experience’. Goutham fills up the crêpes with a combination of five types of sautéed mushroom, before serving them up with a cheesy white wine sauce. Beg, grovel, and plead. Do what you have to; these crêpes are worth all that and more.

The Collection – U. B. City, Level II, Concord Block, 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore 560 001; tel: 4173 8800

Sautéed Roast Chicken in Raisin Brandy Sauce at Sunny’s

As consistent as ever, and cooked to a perfect juicy doneness with just the right-sized dollop of potato dauphinoise and bok choi. I think Arjun Sajnani doesn’t employ chefs, but instead has a retinue of robots in his kitchen who go about assembling every plate with military precision!

#34, Vittal Mallya Road, Embassy Diamante, Bangalore 560 001; tel: 4132 9366/ 9391, 2212 0496

 Veddi Errachi at Windsor Pub

Veddi ErrachiDerived from a traditional recipe of cooking game, this is roast beef painstakingly shredded to singular strands, before being tossed crisp (almost) with button onions, garlic, chilli and spices.  

#7, 1st Main, Vasant Nagar, Kodava Samaj Building, Bangalore 560 052; tel: 2225 8847/ 4114 8006

 Kripal Amanna 

25th May 09


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